Traveling Wilburys Ages

2 5 platinum platinum tom petty full moon fever. The traveling wilburys sometimes shortened to the wilburys were an english american supergroup consisting of bob dylan george harrison jeff lynne roy orbison and tom petty originating from an idea discussed by harrison and lynne during the sessions for harrison s 1987 album cloud nine the band formed in april 1988 after the five members united to record a bonus track for harrison s.

Ages When Began Wilburys Travelling Wilburys Tom Petty Roy Orbison

The five members included five well known musicians coming from england and america.

Traveling wilburys ages. Was talking with friend about how impossibly old the traveling wilburys seemed when they released their music in 1988. I ve listed their ages at the time. The traveling wilburys a folk rock band during the late 1980s had a short yet successful career.

Traveling wilburys music available for the first time in a decade remastered and expanded collectible packages feature. The traveling wilburys are one of the few bands to genuinely merit the rock supergroup tag though given the self assured and humorous nature of the five members it was probably a label. 14 11 gold platinum.

Haven nobody s angel. Traveling wilburys traveling wilburys vol. They had careers that were very successful such as george harrison s career as the beatles lead guitarist and tom petty s career as the.

1990 wilbury warner bros. Unreleased bonus tracks and dvd nearly twenty years after the creation of the band and over a decade since the music was last available to fans the music of the traveling wilburys will be reissued in june in south africa. Stand up comedian neal brennan has made the terrifying observation about the travelling wilburys.

1990 eastwest traveling wilburys traveling wilburys vol. For some perspective three of them are no longer alive. 1988 wilbury 16 3 platinum 3x platinum roy orbison mystery girl.

8 3 gold 5x platinum miss b.

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